Hiring and Firing

I had a job with a company that refused to give me my last check right when they came down to finally letting me go because I did not agree with their policy and the way the company was supposedly and intended to be ” Non- profit” but they were illegally taking the items they were not supposed to profit from, and packaging and shipping them to foreign companies and reselling them. They did not give me my final check for 8 days after I was let go, and I was wondering if it was possible to get ahold of California payroll services and inquire whether or not this move was legal? Done out of spite? It really affected the way I had intended to spend my money for several days.

I had late charges on some of my bills, my cell phone went unpaid for and I missed several important business or future work related phone calls. I was unable to find work for several weeks after because the job I did have lined up no longer wanted to hire me. They ended up hiring another person because the several times they called me back for my second interview and to set up my paperwork, I missed due to a non bill payment. The holding of my check really affected me and I’m not just spiteful or mad. I have a new job now, I finally caught up with everything I had to pay, needed for my own self preservation and am not in any way affected by it any longer? I’m just determined for those who deserve to answer for their actions, get questioned. I don’t think they should get away with not paying me. I don’t think they should be sitting in comfort when the entire time they held my payment I was sitting in confusion and struggle. It’s now a principal point and I really wish to see them held accountable. I could be wrong however, They may have been completely in the right to hold my payment. if they were I understand and I won’t make no more noise in regard to the matter. If they did not have that right I really and truly hope to make sure that this already crooked company, pay for at least one of their many many many crooked actions.