Choosing In Between 0844 And 0800 Free Phone Numbers

Business numbers which are being taken come in a variety of options. Some go for the 08 numbers as free phone numbers. These can either be 0844 or 0800 kind of numbers and are known as telephone numbers of non geographic nature. The specialty of such non geographic numbers are that they are neutral in nature and hence they witness enquiries from locations even far out from their actual base location. It also acts in favor of marketing and promotion as it showcases that the business has no boundaries.

Free phone numbers from also have the benefit that calls management system is integrated side by side the business. This is a crucial way enterprise smarten themselves up by changing the way they deal when calls come. One common example that can be given is that of phone greetings. These have controls online which means one does not need any additional hardware to do these.


One can pick up a free phone number of their choice for such works. Depending on the simplicity of the numbers users can remember it better. Deciding whether to take up a 08 number one has to consider these:-

  • 0844 free phone numbers are usually used by enterprises for helping them gather up additional services and funds. Number providers like also offer technical service lines and help lines for sales support. Companies truly can obtain a pay for people to call them. These are 3 pence per minute call for a certain service provider. It varies from one network to another. One can also find providers who give these numbers with free of cost connection services. From a landline BT the ideal charge is 4.25 pence for a one minute call.
  • If your enterprise desires to provide consumers free calls using landline then 0800 free phone numbers are ideal. These 0800 numbers from are popular as they do not have a cost barrier included for people to cal up. As a result one can expect more enquiry calls being made.

Hence one must carefully compare the features and then choose the free phone number for their organization.