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Business Gifts: What to Get the Most Important Business-Woman in Your Life for Mother’s Day

Business Women tend to be busy people. Add children to their lives and they become double busy, working two very demanding jobs. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to offer a few gift ideas incase you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for the business woman in your life.

New Tablet

Tablets are becoming incredibly more popular as their capabilities increase with the ever growing technologies being invented all the time. If you want to help simplify her life, buy her a new tablet. You can make it a little more special by opening the box and preloading a digital love letter. You might also want to research her favorite apps to download and any other apps that may make her life easier.


Like tablets, the technological capabilities of smartphones makes business exponentially easier. If your wife is using an old and outdated phone, see what it will take to get a new one. Hopefully your provider will offer an upgrade at a discount. If you want to shop around plans, Sprint has great deals on business plans and packages that include new handsets. This may be a decision you want to include her in, so maybe make it into a date and go together.

Old-School Desk Calendar

A giant desk sized calendar may not be the coolest gift ever, but if your special business woman has multiple daily appointments, sometimes they need to see it right there in front of them or they risk forgetting. Having a desk calendar can help improve productivity which she is sure to love you for.

It’s a pity that mother’s only have one official day to be celebrated. This just means the one official day needs to be extra special. A new tablet, smart phone, or calendar may be useful and nice to have, but love and appreciation is what Mother’s Day is all about. If you get your special business lady a new tech toy, supplement it with a special activity that will stick with her forever, because eventually she’s going to upgrade her phone and throw away the old one.